Non-appearing charactersEdit

Dr. Helena Abignew, psychiatrist evaluating the imprisoned Dr. William Blish.
Augusta Blowzanne, resident of Noctropolis.
Desiree Blydon, international prize-winning artist/architect responsible for the design of Hall of Records.
Peter Bornick, President and CEO of the Bornick Company and philanthropist. On the boards of several important charities including the Hospital Fund, the Library Foundation and the Community Chest, he also established the Aurora Foundation with the crimefighter Darksheer. Was killed by a fall from his construction site in West Dimsdale, leaving all his assets to his widow Julia Bornick.
Dr. Richard and Hester Bornick, parents to Peter Bornick. Hester is still living.
Matthew Ivan Cowper and Emelia Susan (Smith) Cowper. Murdered in their home along with their two sons, survived by their daughter Susan.
Larry Darver, UFO expert.
Sarai DeFrente, psychic assisting the NPD.
Dr. Emil Dorterbund, the late genius responsible for the Noctro 4000 supercomputer.
Earnest Duval, Noctropolis Fire Department spokesman.
Cori Grey, Peter Grey's wife who is divorcing him after eloping with his best friend.
Andrew Harvar, Assistant Police Commissioner, NPD.
Lance Kapowski, garbage man.
Eric Lawson, 11-year old Billy Dawson's room mate at the State Asylum. Entering one of Billy's dreams, he was somehow stabbed with a large piece of broken glass within the dream, waking up with severe abdominal wounds.
Detective J.R. Levitz, NPD.
Rev. Robert Rakkas, minister of the Hallelujah Gospel Mission.
Selectman Unger, a politician criticizing the mayor.
Bartolomeus Wingate, third mayor of Noctropolis, notorious inquisitor who in his single term executed over 150 citizens (most of them political enemies advocating duty-free exports) on charges of "necromancy" until tried and executed on charges of gross and felonious abuse of office. Probably the most famous ghost reported to haunt the old Civic Mausoleum.
Dr. G. Wyatt, one of the psychiatrists evaluating Billy Dawson at the State Asylum.

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